Monday, August 29, 2011

1 month old!

I realize my last post was written when Joel was 3 months old, but I thought I would go back and give a little month update for each month of his first year! The first month of having Joel here was filled with feeding him, getting to know his needs, feeding him some more, Tyler transitioning back to work after his paternity leave, feeding him more, still introducing him to new friends, and feeding him more :) Since he was on a two hour feeding schedule until about 4 weeks, I felt like that is all we did!

-Some milestones this first month-

spending much more time awake and responding to us

celebrating his first easter

having his first few outings: Maddox's 2nd birthday party, going to church, eating with the girls, family dinners, etc.

sleeping about 5-6 hour stretches throughout the nights

losing his umbilical cord stub

taking his first "big" bath

going on his first walk

drinking his first bottle

one month stats: 10lbs, 23 inches, healthy boy!

Here are some of our favorite pictures from his first month!
his birth announcement picture
his first outing besides the doctor's office
talking to his friends
hanging with Cousin Maddox
his doctor's appointment at 3 days old
hanging with Cousin Jude, Grams, and Gramps
nap time with Mommy...LOVE it!

cool dude
precious baby boy
a little tummy time
meeting his buddy Rocklin, who is ten days older. That wet spot and Rocklin's shirt is where Joel had just peed on him! Great first meeting :)
his Easter outfit
First Easter

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