Wednesday, March 10, 2010

so it's been a while...

Well I obviously took a little vacation from blogging. It honestly is a hard thing to keep up with. I always think about things to blog when I am away from the computer and then I forget all about it by the time we get home. We had a great winter spending the holidays with our wonderful family and friends, added a new entertainment room to our house, enjoyed a few fun snow days together (although I was sick for both), rejoiced as a some of our friends welcomed their baby girls, practiced parenthood by staying a week with Maddox, celebrated my 25th birthday with WAY TOO MUCH cake, and had oh so much fun through it all.
So what now? We have been unbelievable busy. Tyler got to enjoy two weekend retreats to New Life Ranch. He got to enjoy a weekend with some great men from our Mosaic congregation at this year's men's retreat and then he led worship for Blast (the camp for 4th, 5th, and 6th grade kids) a few weeks later. In between his two weekend retreats, I was given the opportunity to go on a planning trip to Memphis to prepare for our mission trip with the 7th, 8th, and 9th grade mosaic students over spring break. Before I went on the planning trip I was pretty excited, but semi nervous about going over spring break, but after we got home from planning I just wanted to go back! I am so excited about the opportunities we will have while we are there. The potential to build relationship is huge as well. I am so excited!! We are just praying that we will be vessels for God to use for His Name and His Glory while we are there!
Although our minds are on Memphis a lot right now, we are also looking forward to Tyler's quick approaching GRADUATION! It is so close and we are so excited about his finishing school and hopefully finding a job within that field sometime in the near future! I am a proud wife! He has been so dedicated to his classes while also balancing a full-time job, working at the church on Saturdays, investing in his cell guys lives, spending time with our family, friends, and small group, and making our marriage a priority.
So that is it for now! We have had such an exciting winter and are ready for what will be coming up this spring and summer. We already got a taste of spring at the Razorback baseball game today...we are looking forward to many more of those!