Monday, August 29, 2011

2 months old

Two months went so fast! It was a fun month with a lot of "firsts" and we were falling more in love with this little boy each day! His little personality really started to show this month!

Two Month Milestones

longer tummy times

first intentional smiles!

a few first laughs

started "talking" to us

first time to be left with a babysitter

first time to go swimming

first Mother's Day :)

two month shots :(

two month doctors appointment stats: 12 lbs, 24 inches, healthy little guy

Here are some of our favorite pictures from this month
so sleepy
Joel and Gramma Jenner on Mother's Daymeeting his buddy Fischer

time with daddy

growing bigger!there's a little smileDaddy and JoelSitting up with Daddyand with MommaJoel with Maddox, Papa, and Pedrobig boy bathfirst time in the poolJoel with Dad, Maddox, and Uncle JoshTwo good looking fellas

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